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Javascript Weather
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Terms of use: Changed 1/27/03* This script is property of Rabid Nerd Productions. In consideration for free use of this script is your agreement to not interfere with the Link on the Image and the words "Click here for Forecast". This is a condition for your use of this script. We reserve the right to discontinue access from any site/domain which violates these terms of use. We also reserve the right to disable/deny access to anyone at any time for any reason. We reserve the right to discontinue this script, and will provide registered users of notice to do so. Registration is not currently a condition of use, but is highly reccomended. Registered users will receive notice of any changes and feature enhancements. You must use the code below as is, and not remove the links from the content. Rabid Nerd Productions/Herbert L. Riede is not responsible for any damages. This script is © 2000-2006 Herbert L. Riede © 2003-2006 Rabid Nerd Productions.

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  • Forecast Place, State or ZIPCode
  • Custom Place Name (Defaults to Forecast Place)
  • Forecast Format
  • Measurement
  • Show/Hide Place
    • If Show Place, Allow Change Location?
  • Table Background Color
  • Text Color


People who don't have JavaScript turned on will see:
Weather Forecast for Mcsherrystown, Pa