Union City, Pennsylvania, United States
 Lat: 41.90N, Lon: 79.85W
Wx Zone: PAZ002 ICAO Used: KGKJ

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There were more options, some have been disabled temporarily due to making the code work again and will be slowly reactivated as they are again stable.
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2021 October

The weathertags have been down (again) for a while due to changes with data feeds from the National Weather Service, changes within the code's base language structures itself, and moving to on-site hosting. They are now back in operation.

2014 May

The weathertags have been down for a while due to moving to more economical hosting. They are now back in operation.

2011 February

Since 2008, DynaWeather.com has had to stay on the back burner to life's other priorities. I appreciate all the support over the years, and please know over the past 12 years, this site has never done more than break even month to month, and has NEVER shown an annual "profit". I know Google Weather and other sites have more or less made this almost decade-old free tool deprecated, but I will continue to maintain the site as costs have come down over the years to make doing so easy. I will endeavour to restore the attractiveness of the Weathertags and try to add some unique features for you between work, school and being a single parent. Thank you!

2008 February Working on updating code to update for new software and servers, load. Some code has been throttled. Some features have been scaled back temporarily from time to time for optimization - color, customizations, etc. Please stand by.

10/28/2021 - Release of Version 3.0.3. The weather tags have been brought out of mothballs due to more NWS changes over the years. "Javascript Weather-On-Your-Site" box is minimally functional, but needs work.

05/01/2014 - Release of Version 3.0.2. The weather tags now have a custom-coded method for current conditions due to NWS changes over the years. Developer boards closed. Intending to fix our "Javascript Weather-On-Your-Site" box.

08/01/2006 - Site is Throttled. Developer Boards here. Have you seen our Javascript Weather-On-Your-Site Box?

07/01/06 - Release of Version 3.0.1. Please remember this is a FREE SERVICE, and any contribution towards costs is appreciated. We have run DynaWeather.com at a loss of nearly $100/month for nearly a year now. Time has been a sparse resource. Paypal: payments@rabidnerd.com

07/15/05 - Redesigned again. Allowing new sites. FULL RELEASE OF VERSION 3 COMING SOON.